Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Hitting the road this summer is a tradition among many, and we have some car tips for you to keep in mind.
If you want to keep smiling, you better make sure your vehicle is properly maintained.

Taking a summer road trip or vacation has become a tradition among most Americans, but failing to prepare properly could lead to disaster. A breakdown on the road can cause major delays and could potentially ruin an entire vacation. Don’t be a victim of mechanical failure or any other mishap. Here are a few summer car maintenance tips you should take care of, as recommended by our team at Tom Naquin Nissan.

  • TiresYou aren’t going to get far without properly-maintained tires. Make sure you vehicle’s tires have a safe amount of tread in order to provide plenty of traction, no matter the road conditions. Search for any potential problems, like bulges or deep scrapes. Finally, make sure you properly inflate your tires to the manufacturer-suggested pressure before taking any long journeys.


  • Beltsif you hear an odd sound coming from under the hood, a worn belt could be the cause. A worn belt won’t survive a long trip, especially not in hot climates. Take a peak under the hood and examine the belt for cracks or looseness. If something seems wrong, replace the belt. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all.


  • WipersRain isn’t limited to a single season, so make sure your wipers are up to par. Old, worn wipers won’t provide the visibility required to drive safely. New wiper blades are one of the cheapest parts of a car to replace. Plus, you can do it yourself in a matter of minutes.