Head to Linton’s Enchanted Gardens for the Easter Egg-straordinaire

Linton’s Enchanted Gardens

Looking for something to do for Easter in Elkhart, Indiana? Tom Naquin Nissan has your back. We scoped out events in the area and would like to recommend that families head over to Linton’s Enchanted Gardens for an Easter event you won’t want to miss. The event is called the Easter Egg-straordinaire and, for two weekends in April, it’s open to the public for free (with additional fees for some activities).


The Easter Egg-straordinaire isn’t just an egg hunt – it’s much more than that. The Linton’s conservatory will feature many animals for families to interact with, such as ducklings, chicks, lambs, baby goats, and even a calf. Cookie decorating and train rides are available on site, and if you bring along canned goods to donate, your family can get professional pictures with the Easter Bunny at the event. This will be a recurring event the weekends of April 8th and 9th, as well as the 14th and 15th.


Linton’s Enchanted Gardens is a stunning Home & Garden Center (and the largest in the state) featuring several shops, beautiful scenery, a conservatory, and even a lake, in addition to the many family-friendly attractions. Stop by soon for the upcoming Easter Egg-straordinaire and enjoy the warm spring weather. We guarantee you and your family won’t be disappointed!

Experience the Past at the New York Central Railroad Museum

New York Central Railroad Museum
Located in Elkhart, Indiana, the New York Central Railroad Museum offers a glimpse at one of the most important railroads in our country’s history.

If you’re looking for something to do and are fascinated by history, or even just find the prospect of being transported into a time when America was dominated by historic railroad tracks and passenger trains, the New York Central Railroad Museum in Elkhart, Indiana is a great way to pass time, whether you’re alone or with friends or family. Founded in 1987, the museum continues to peer back through time to when railroads were a symbol of our progress and prosperity as a nation.

Once the second-largest railroad in the United States, New York Central is preserved in memory in Elkhart by the existence of the Robert R. Young Yard, which was the largest railroad freight classification yard along New York Central’s 11,000-mile-long track. The museum boasts many equipment displays, model trains, and artifacts related to the historic American railroad of our past, both indoor and outdoor. Steam, diesel, and electric locomotives are included, as well as several different cars, cabooses, and other memorabilia.

The New York Central Railroad Museum offers a glimpse at one of the most important railroads in our country’s history, located at the railroad’s most important stop in Elkhart, Indiana. Elkhart was a vital connecting stop between the Atlantic coast and the Midwest, as well as two Canadian provinces.